Skilled Nursing Services

VMT home health skilled nursing services are geared towards assessing, managing, observing and evaluating our healthcare client’s needs in collaboration with the physician.  Our caring staff are trained including registered nurses to help beneficiaries maintain or even improve their quality of life through the use of evidence based practices. 

Our skilled nursing services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical Assessment and Coordination
  • Disease Management
  • Coordination of care with Attending Physician
  • Medication Management
  • Wound Managment
  • Laboratory Services

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*We accept Medicaid, Medicare, AmeriHealth and private pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are All of VMT Home Health Aides Licensed?

Yes, all of VMT home health aides are licensed.

How Do You Select Your Home Health Staff?

All of our home health aides, nurses, therapists, and case managers are licensed and board certified. They undergo a thorough interview and screening process as well as reference and background checks. We also match our caregivers with the most compatible client based on the skills needed to ensure it is a good fit.

Do You Provide Services in Maryland or Virginia?

VMT Home Health Agency provides services only in Washington, DC.

My Loved One Needs Services. What Should I Do?

Our intake coordinator would be happy to assist you. Please call our intake line at (202) 282-3004 and press #2 or go to our website under the “Need Home Care Today?” tab or click here and complete our brief intake form and someone from our intake department will contact you within 24 hours to assist you with the intake process.

How Do I Know if I'm Eligible for DC Medicaid Home Health Services?

The District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance, the state’s Medicaid agency, may be able to help you with the costs of homemaker services, personal care, home health and respite care if you are eligible for Medicaid. The District has two home and community-based waiver programs – the Elderly and Persons with Physical Disabilities (EPD) and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) waivers – to help residents keep their independence while getting the care they need without going to a facility. To learn about DC Medicaid home health services and programs, please contact the D.C. Office on Aging’s Aging and Disability Resource Center at (202) 724-5626 and let them know you’re interested in receiving home health services through VMT Home Health Agency.

Who Qualifies for Medicaid?

Medicaid is available only to certain low-income individuals with little savings and no other significant assets who fit into an eligibility group that is recognized by federal and state law. Benefits vary by each state but typically cover home health aide services and certain medical supplies and equipment. To see if you qualify, please contact the DC Medicaid office also known as the Department of Health Care Finance at  (202) 727-5355.

When is Private Pay an Option?

Private pay or self pay is an option when a patient does not qualify for one of the above plans or would like to supplement services above what the plan will cover. Typically services are priced per hour with a minimum of four (4) hours per day contact our billing department for details (202) 282-3004

When Does Medicare Pay for Home Health Services?

Most people older than 65 years of age and older are eligible for the federal Medicare program. To qualify for Medicare home health care, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • A physician must determine (order) that you need a skilled home health service by completing the face-to-face order form and faxing it to us at (202) 318-8258.
  • A physician must develop and sign a plan of care.
  • You must be homebound. This means you have an inability to leave home and, therefore, leaving home requires a considerable and taxing effort. Occasional absences from the home are permitted as long as they are of short duration. For example, doctor appointments, family reunions, funerals, religious services, graduations will not disqualify you from home health services as long as they do not indicate you have the ability to obtain services in a setting other than your home.
  • You must need one of the following services intermittently (part time): Skilled nursing / physical therapy / occupational therapy or speech therapy

If I Have an Issue Over the Weekend or After Hours -- Who Should I Call?

For staffing issues please call: (202)747-4282

For Clinical/Nursing Issues please call: (202)731-6024

How Do I Know if Home Health Services are Covered by My Insurance?

You can contact your insurance company and ask if it is a covered benefit.