Residential Services

URCC offers our residents a variety of residential services.  We want to ensure our residents are properly cared for with healthy meals, engaging activities, housekeeping services, and sound health management to include the monitoring of prescription medication. Our goal is to assist our residents with everyday activities while maintaining or improving their optimal level of physical functioning and quality of life as much as possible.

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Personal Laundry

Clothing and other personal articles belonging to residents are laundered in-house at no charge to the residents.  Additionally, there is a laundry center for residents’ use.  Care of fine clothing, such as silk, wool, or sweaters, are best laundered or dry cleaned by the responsible party.

Salon & Barbershop

When our residents look good, they feel even better. URCC has an on-premise barbershop and beauty salon so that residents can get their hair done for special occasions or for no occasion at all.  Residents are charged a nominal fee for this service as this is not a service covered by insurance.

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The Man Cave

Our nursing home is likely the only nursing home in the nation with a “man cave.”  Our residents are very serious about their sports, and what better way to keep them happy.

Religious Services

There are various religious activities and services at URCC, not only on Sunday but throughout the week and for various denominations.  Residents or family members can contact the unit charge nurse if they wish to attend any religious activities.

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Social Services

URCC social workers help our residents meet their medical social service needs.  This means services are provided by the social work staff in order to maintain and/or improve the resident’s ability to manage their everyday physical, mental, and psycho-social needs.

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Financial Services

URCC provides in-house banking and a personal fund for all residents. Each resident is allowed to keep a certain amount of personal funds for personal care items that are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.


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Courtyard & Garden

We have a uniquely designed courtyard with a lush flower garden, a resident vegetable garden, and a built in outdoor kitchen.  The courtyard is used year round for cookouts, movies under the stars, and many other activities.  It’s a great place where residents can gather to congregate with other residents, family and friends.

Gift Shop

The URCC Convenience Gift Shop provides an assortment of snacks and other items for residents and visitors.


Library Services

Our library offers a wide range of reading material for our residents and within the library we have computers with Internet access. We take into account the self-expressed needs and interests of our residents and offer every outlet, digital or otherwise to make reading or finding information as easy as possible.