Since 1991, VMT Long Term Care Management has owned and operated VMT Education Center to make post-secondary educational programs available for qualified, multicultural and diversely ethnic students to lead successful careers in healthcare.

Our slogan is “We Train, We Hire!” We are one of the only schools in the District of Columbia that not only trains Home Health Aides and Nursing Assistants, but we hire them as well.  We have our own Home Health Agency (VMT Home Health Agency) and our own Nursing Home (Unique Residential Care Center) and do most of our hiring from our graduating classes.  

For those of you that are in school, or those in need of full or part-time employment, our Home Health Agency offers flexible hours and a comfortable work environment. You can become certified in just 4 weeks compared to 6 – 10 weeks like many other programs. If you have a passion for helping those in need, a career in healthcare may be for you!

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